Immigration Reform

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison spoke about a variety of issues during her stop in Lufkin today.

One of the main issues was immigration reform.

"We need to have comprehensive reform. We need to have a guest worker program going forward where people can come legally into our country to fill jobs that are not being filled. But we have to do it right," Hutchison said.

Hutchison does not support the proposed immigration reform bill now being debated on the Senate floor.

That bill would allow current illegal immigrants to pay back taxes and get visas from their country of origin over a period of several years before becoming legal residents or citizens.

Hutchison calls it a form of amnesty.

Ino Reyes disagrees.

"My thoughts about it are from the standpoint of doing something rather than waiting. It's a good thing," Reyes said.

Reyes also thinks the US needs a reform plan.

He believes the current proposal is more reasonable than most he's heard about in the past.

"You know you have people presenting various types of plans. Some say sending people back, which is not going to happen. You can't displace 12 million people in a short period of time," Reyes added.

Reyes admits the current plan may need a little more work, but thinks overall, it's a good one.

"There are some points there that probably are probably going to be negotiated and changed and reformed, but you have to have a starting point," Reyes told us.