Dr Deer Brings ESPN To East Texas

Dr James Kroll's backyard isn't typical. Instead of a dog, he has beautiful, selectively bred white tail deer bucks, accompanied by a favorite doe, with a newborn fawn by her side.   There's no better place for a video production crew to tape a profile on one of the top 20 pro hunters in the nation.

Kroll is known as 'Dr Deer' by many East Texans and the millions of viewers of ESPN's 'White Tail Country'. Steve Finch of Triple Horse Productions explained,  " White Tail Country on ESPN 2 is a national show and has incredible following. It is one of the top 10 shows rated on ESPN 2."

Kroll frequently appears on the show giving advice on deer hunting from places like Wyoming, Montana or Canada, but this time the crew is more focused on the researcher's personal story. Finch said, " It's a slice of life of Dr. Kroll." Kroll responded,  " All of a sudden, now it's Dr Deer, about me. Quite frankly, it's a little uncomfortable, but," ending with a shrug of the shoulders.

The outdoorsman does it to bring attention to a cause.    " My message is proper management and proper ethics about hunting deer,"  said Kroll. That effort is quite apparent on Kroll's 210 acres near Cushing. The property is a haven for white tail deer. " It's a demonstration facility to show what small land owners can do for deer research", said Kroll. Throughout the wooded property you'll find test plots on the latest deer forage. New equipment is tested and the property is used for field days for university students.

Recently Kroll, with is geospatial background as director of the Columbia Geospatial Center has introduced how mapping can be used in the hunting industry.    Dr Deer will show the excitement hunting can bring to the outdoorsman, but in each production responsible hunting and management will always have the starring role.

Kroll's profile piece will air sometime in November on ESPN 2. Watch local listings for air dates.