Internet Protection

by Christa Smith

School is out for the summer.  For the next few months many children will be home alone.  One worry on the minds of many parents is safety on the Internet.  Lufkin Police say that there are precautions parents can take to keep their children safe on the web.

", which is cyber patrol. which has games for kids and they've also got some stuff so parents can learn how to monitor what's going on. and which are very good logging type things where they can actually watch what's going on the computer," Lt. John Davis recommends these.

After finding the program that works for you the thing parents need to remember is to keep checking in on it.  Some programs will keep your child from looking at certain websites.  Other sites will actually monitor the times they can access the computer.  Results from these programs should be monitored regularly for maximum safety.

Lt. Davis wants to remind parents that if they suspect inappropriate behavior going on over the Internet to notify police immediately.  He also says to keep the lines of communication open.  Make sure your child knows they should report any bad behavior immediately.

There are many websites and software programs that can be purchased.  You just have to find the one that works for you.