North Lufkin HUD Project

Gloria Toran is one of several community leaders who attended a meeting this week to discuss ways to improve North Lufkin.

Many issues were discussed, but the most prominent one was affordable homes for North Lufkin residents.

Toran and others having been working to get federal money from HUD for North Lufkin.

They believe home ownership is an important step in revitalizing the community.

"It's important because if this part doesn't become part of the city then the whole city is going to have a problem, too, because it's a part of it and one part goes as the other part goes," North Lufkin Activist Victor Travis told us.

Toran says many people in North Lufkin do not think the city is doing enough to help make this area better.

But she knows along with city leaders, those living here also have a responsibility to try and improve their neighborhoods.

"Some for them want to maintain their homes, but many of them don't is the reason the property is so run down and deserted," Toran said.

Toran stresses beautification, because an important step in owning a home is learning how to take care of one.

But she realizes it will take north Lufkin residents and city leaders working together to make changes.

"Our motto is all hands on board for North Lufkin. And so the more hands we get involved the quicker it will happen," Toran said.

"I've heard different ideas and hopefully we can assimilate those ideas into one plan and move forward," Lufkin Mayor Gorden said.

Toran knows it's tough for so many people to agree on one solution, but says she hopes they never forget the ultimate goal:

"To try to revitalize and restore a community that was once a viable community."