River Rendezvous

by Christa Smith

The tenth annual Neches River Rendezvous was held today.  The event was sponsored by Temple Inland, the Chamber of Commerce and many others.  The event consisted of around 300 people either canoeing or kayaking down the Neches River.

Heather Kartye, Vice President of Lufkin Chamber of Commerce, says they couldn't have asked for a better day.  "It's been a great turnout this year.  We're very pleased with everything.  The weather has been great, water level is perfect.  It's run very smoothly."

Going down the river took between two and four hours.  It was just a great way to take in all that East Texas has to offer.  Participants all agreed, being on the river was a great way to enjoy East Texas.  "It's a great way to celebrate the river and it's beauty and it's important to the history and culture of East Texas," Ellen Temple said.