Tim Eubanks Hospitalized

Tim Eubanks is back in the Nacogdoches County jail tonight. But he spent the weekend in the hospital. Eubanks is accused of killing his wife in their Nacogdoches home last December.     A Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital source and other hospital employees confirm Eubanks was brought into the emergency room Saturday and was discharged this morning. Those within the Nacogdoches County sheriff's department talked of Eubanks' hospitalization, but the extent of his treatment is not being released. We are told he was conscious when entering the ER.

At the time of Eubanks' arrest last December the former radiologist technician had overdosed on prescription meds. Sheriff Thomas Kerss would 'not' confirm Eubanks' weekend hospitalization. Nor the possibility of it being another suicide attempt. The sheriff told us he could 'not' comment without knowing the extent of a  'gag' order issued by Judge Ed Klein. The gag order was issued in December, but has still 'not' been written. That's according to a spokesman for Judge Campbell Cox who will hear the case. Eubanks is awaiting his August murder trial. Investigators believe he strangled and suffocated his wife Tina after sexually assaulting one of his stepchildren.