Some Residents Were Without Electricity for More than a Day

Severe storms knocked the power out in homes on Hannah Road around 12:30 p.m. Sunday. Electric crews spent most of the day restoring electricity for several residents in the Diboll neighborhood. The lights finally came back on around 4:30 a.m. Monday.

Bob Michaud said, "[Oncor Electric Delivery] got here as fast as they could; being in a small area where we are. We're probably one of the last ones that they'll [restore power for]. We get used to it. We don't like it, but we're used to it."

Bob Michaud and his family couldn't stand the heat and humidity that lingered after the storm so they spent the night in a hotel, but his in-laws who live just across the street waited patiently at home until they got their power back. The Michauds didn't expect to spend nearly half a day in the dark, but they were prepared.

"That's mandatory," Michaud said. "I've got big things of water that's frozen in my freezer just to hold it a little longer, but I think the refrigerator - we'll lose everything out of that."

G.W. and Johnnie Kirkland used a kerosene lamp to light their Angelina County home during the 25 hours they were without electricity. They were one of the last homes on their street to have their power restored after a transformer blew during the storm.

"It was rough for a little bit until our nephew come up here and hooked up the generator for us," said Johnnie Kirkland. "We used a generator and two fans."

The Kirklands also said Oncor Electric Delivery was quick to try to get their power restored. Their electricity went out around noon Sunday and came back on just before 2:00 p.m. Monday.

East Texas homeowners were not the only ones affected by pounding rain and straight line winds.

Lewis Furniture in Lufkin was heavily damaged by Sunday's storm. The roof was ripped off the building and nearly everything inside is a total loss. Monday, furniture inside the Frank Street business is draped in blue tarps.

Several areas of the roof are still leaking where parts of the ceiling are missing. The owners said they are not sure if they will rebuild.