Lufkin Company Accused of Deception

Fresh Look Services provides cooks, galley hands, and food to offshore rigs. Dozens of East Texans have been promised these assignments by Fresh Look, but most of them are not yet working.

Terry Grigsby, Fresh Look Services co-owner, said, "I tell the people that they have to go through a process - background checks, which has to be done through national security, then they do a drug test, then they do a physical. And then if we go past that, we go into training which could take anywhere from one day to four days, and at that point, until contracts are given, I cannot guarantee them a job until I get their contract in hand."

But several Fresh Look employees said this is not the information they were given before they agreed to several days of out-of-town training.

Michael Green said, "The information we were given at first is the contracts had already been obtained. People were not offered jobs and we have over 200 people that are still without employment, when they were told it would be two weeks or so that they would be going back to work."

Green said he was fired from Fresh Look because he was accused of not wanting to work. He said he now has a lawsuit against the company hoping for unemployment pay. A former driver for the company, Green said he is not a disgruntled employee, but wants his former co-workers to be able to get new jobs in the offshore industry without having to retrain.

"I was never misled," said cook, driver, and warehouse worker, Elaine Warren. "I was told everything up front. Mr. Grigsby interviewed me-same process everybody else went through; I even took a cook's test."

Terry Grigsby said he has every intention of putting his employees to work. The Lufkin company has local employees who are drivers and warehouse workers. And the company also has a room full of unused uniforms for new hires who are on call.

"We are currently trying to attempt to get numerous contracts with numerous companies in the Gulf of Mexico and as soon as those contracts are given to me, yes they will go to work."