Man Pleads Guilty in Worst Child Abuse Case in Town's History

Joshua Buckjune received 20 years in prison Wednesday for both counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and 35 years for each count of injury to a child by omission. The sentences will run concurrently and he'll be eligible for parole in eight years instead of ten because of credit for time served.

Buckjune's attorney says pleading guilty was very difficult for his client. But he believes it was a good decision.

John heath, Sr. said, "It was a case I didn't want to face a jury on if I didn't have to. It was a dangerous case, but the charges against my client were by omission as opposed to him actually doing the acts that resulted in the injury to the children."

Last summer, Buckjune's wife was convicted after his two daughters told jurors horrific stories of incest, molestation, rape, and beatings they got from her.

The girls are now safe and healthy and living in foster care. Joshua Buckjune admitted he knew about the abuse all along, but did nothing to stop it. Buckjune could have gotten up to life in prison if convicted by a jury.

"It was fair if you balance out what the children would have had to have gone through," said Assistant District Attorney Dawn Armstrong. "They already testified against their mom and step mom at a previous trial last August. They would have testified again, but it was going to be very emotionally for them, very traumatic because the man they would be testifying against is their father."

Joshua Buckjune's wife, Bennedetha Buckjune, is now serving a 75-year prison sentence for sexually and physically abusing both her step children and biological children. She'll be eligible for parole in 30 years.