Long Term Care Marketing

Magnolia Court Assisted Living and Memory Care Community will be the first to open this month. And directors stress community. Resencia Pryor explained the use of terminology.  " This is their environment. So it becomes it their home. Would you want your home referred to as facility?" Nor would you want a place to drink coffee called a break or snack room. Pryor points out a pleasant room with tables set for guests. She says, " This is what we call our ice cream parlor. They will have cappuccino coffee. "

Stallings Court Nursing and Rehabilitation is opening June 14th. Their marketing director, Joni Henson refers to dining hours as    " Our Dining Your Way program. That program offers extended meal times."

And then there's the non profit Timber Springs. The planned development, markets 'life long learning' to retirees, a long road indeed. Developer, John Anderson points to a map, " This is the extension of Marony Drive." The city is extending the roadway to serve the retirement community.

Long term care marketing is a fast growing industry. Competitive yes, but,  " It is a friendly competition. You want to keep it that way. You don't want people to think you're hostile and your negative about anybody else's facility/community."

They're in the same industry, but cater to different needs. Magnolia Court serves those needing a little assistance to a lot. Stallings Court will focus "on short term rehabilitation featuring physical, occupational and speech therapy," said Henson. And Timber Springs plans to cater to all the above, plus housing for active seniors. The overall goal is to expand every level of need.

Anderson said of all the facilities, " They are filling in a very real need that already exists and they fit as the second consideration perfectly of promoting nacogdoches and its surrounding area as a retirement destination. " By any name, long term care runs a clever marketing plan for a growing population.