Susan Combs Conducts Round Table Discussion

Susan Combs chose Nacogdoches for her first round table discussion with economic developers since taking the oath as state comptroller. Combs is needing the meeting to help with a regional economic outlook analysis report.      " We're taking a look at the economic impact of an area, like east Texas and sometimes it bears a fresh look so that folks from other parts of the state understand, ' My gosh, I didn't realize east Texas was doing that.' "

Combs is letting communities know about a new feature on her "Window On State Government" web site. It shows people how the state is spending tax dollars.

Despite harsh criticism from Governor Perry toward the last legislative session, Combs was pleased with the legislators' hard work and dedication. Combs said she never left Austin during the session,but is now glad back to be in communities to learn the needs of county officials and economic developers.