Inexpensive Kid-Friendly Summer Activities are Hard to Find

Lufkin parks are always full of kids and their families during the summer months. They are popular destinations because they're close to home and free. Finding entertainment that does not require travel and saves money is a challenge for many moms and dads.

"We have to save it for bills and gas and we have a lot of stuff that we have to do," said Lufkin resident, Brittany Dyson. "We bring [my 10-month-old son] to the park like once a week and then we have swimming pools at his grandma's and we'll go out there. We went to Galveston once and it takes a lot [of money] to go out of town."

Regardless of the cost, kids just want to have fun. And a lot of the things they like doing when school is out don't cost a thing.

Destiney Clark said, "swimming, going to the library, going to Vacation Bible School [and] going to daycare" are activities she enjoys on her summer break.

Keeping kids busy during the summer can be easier than keeping them nourished with several healthy meals a day; something parents don't have to worry about when their children are at school.

Ashley Dyson said, "I think that during the school days, they have the meal at school and then when they come home they're already hungry anyway, so it's harder to feed them three meals a day."

Besides the park, there are many other free and family-friendly activities available in East Texas. Taking children to museums, community swimming pools, and local lakes are a good way to save money and keep kids active during the summer break.

The Salvation Army, Christian Information and Service Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas and several churches all have summer feeding programs for families in need. You can call those agencies for more information.