Most Wanted Captured

by Christa Smith

After more than 10 years on the run Vincent Ledoux is behind bars tonight.  He was charged with being a sexual predator in 1996 in Oklahoma.  He has been on the run since then.

A few weeks ago he was profiled on America's Most Wanted, soon after a tip was called in.  A tip that came from someone in Livingston who worked close by him.  That is what led US Marshals to him and ended the long chase.

The people of Livingston knew him as Eli Wolfe, just one of his many aliases.  He worked in a computer shop right across the street from the Polk County Courthouse, and just a block from the police department.  People who worked just doors down say they were shocked.  Joe Roth said, "I was surprised.  Who wouldn't be to find out that the guy who runs the computer shop two doors down from you is a fugitive from justice."

But now, Vincent Ledoux is in the Polk County Jail.  He will eventually be transferred back to Oklahoma where he was charged with the crime.  Residents in the area say it's definitely been a wake up call.  "It just reinforces the fact that people need to be vigilant.  They need to be aware that there are predators out there.  And, sometimes, it's people that you would not ever expect," Clayton Williamson, an area worker said.