Blueberry Festival

By Christa Smith

For 18 years the Blueberry Festival has been in Nacogdoches.   Organizers say this year though, was the biggest.   "We're having the biggest festival that Nacogdoches has.   It's the biggest this year, bigger than it's been in other years," Teresa Darby told us.   And you could tell.   No matter what street you turned on in downtown, the streets were full.   While at the festival you could enjoy blueberries of any kind.   There was blueberry cobbler, blueberry parfait, blueberry lemonade and of course, blueberry pancakes.   People traveled from all over Texas and even from other states to come to the festival.   With all the people in town, local businesses are staying busy.   The hotels are also completely full.   Darby and other festival workers thought the heat might keep people away, but luckily it did not.   "The people are coming out here.   They are so hot and they're not even complaining.   They're having a good time."  With this years festival over they're already thinking about next year and they hope it's even better.