NHS Band Going to the Rose Bowl

by Christa Smith

The Nacogdoches High School band has been raising money for some time now so that they can go to the next Rose Bowl.  They've been mowing lawns, having BBQ's and now stealing the hearts of some Oklahoma businessmen.  An SFA alumni works at a Chesapeake Energy Corporation based in Oklahoma.  When she heard the NHS band was trying to raise money she thought she would mention it to them.  Immediately they said, they knew they wanted to help.  So, today, at the Blueberry Festival, the former Lumberjack and a company representative presented the band with a $10,000 check.  It will cost $1,200 per student to go to California.  Chesapeake says they know it's not all of it but they hope other businesses will follow and show these kids the community supports them.  The band members say they are extremely grateful for the donation and they'll continue fundraising until they reach their goal.