Move It: Summer Athletic Camps

The clank of bats on baseballs can be heard loud and clear. Activity is in full swing at the SFA Summer Baseball Camp. Campers from age six to eighteen will be moving it. Camper Patrick Dinan talks non stop about the fun.  " You do warm up. You do exercises. You stretch and you warm up with a partner and when you warm up you play a little activities and then...."

You get the idea. They work at having fun.    " Let's rock!," says one camper. Coach Jeremy Arterburn smiles with satisfaction.  "See, kids love it." "It's the best 5 hours of my live," interrupts one camper.  Coach continues,  "They're here from nine to three everyday and it's good for them." another camper yells out,   "This is the best camp ever."

Meanwhile, Patrick continues,  "... and then in the afternoon we play games in the morning. We work on stuff like on batting..."

Parents say they can't offer their kids anything more healthy than a week at ball camp.    Cheryl Janus said, " The more they stay on the computer, the more they want to stay. The more they stay in front of the TV, the more they want to stay. The more you put 'em out in sports and the more activities you do with them, the more they're gonna move." Another parent, Andrea Dejean said,  " We want to make sure they also learn the importance of drinking water, Gatorade and keeping hydrated."

Back to Patrick, " We do fielding and pitching and throwing." Lids learn why moving it helps their body. Brandon Hughes said shyly, " Because it builds up the body function." They learn what's bad and good for them. Clayton Dewitt said, " Junk food is bad for your body and healthy food is good for your body." You do all the right things for your body then you can,  " Come and play and work on drills and batting and do a lot of fun things,"  concluded Patrick.  "

Get out and Move It for KTRE."     Move It Monday is brought to you by Memorial Health System of East Texas