Lufkin Police Report - 06/12/07

HARASSMENT:  1700 block of Jana.  A woman received an obscene message on her on-line computer "My Space" page.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  1600 block of Tulane Dr.  Cash was stolen from a car Monday evening.  A witness saw a male enter the car and alerted man who was nearby.  The suspect fled and was located several blocks away.  Aurelil Gonzalez was arrested and charged with Burglary of a Motor Vehicle.

THEFT:  1200 block of West Frank St.  A man reported that he left his watch in his hospital room before being discharged Monday morning.  He went back when he realized it and the watch was gone.

BURGLARY:  500  block of South John Redditt.  A vehicle was broken into and a woman's purse stolen last Friday morning.

THEFT:  700 block of  South Timberland.   Internal theft of grocery items was reported by store Loss Prevention.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE:  1000 block of CROOKED CRK.  A known suspect borrowed a motorcycle to run a 20 minute errand 12 days ago and hasn't returned the motorcycle yet.

VIOLATION PROTECTIVE:  400 block of Second .  Violation of a protective order was reported when a known suspect was seen in the parking lot of the protected party's workplace Monday.

STALKING:  500 block of South John Redditt.  A woman reported that her ex-husband was following her and threatening her during repeated phone calls.

ASSAULT:  4600 block of South Medford Dr.   A man reported that his estranged wife hit him in the head with a hammer during an argument Monday morning.  The man had a knot and small cut on his head.

THEFT:  1600 block of Wallace.  A lawnmower was stolen from a residence sometime during the past week.

ROBBERY: 300 block of Whitehouse.  A juvenile was reported as the victim of a strong-arm robbery sometime last week.  Details were not available because the juvenile is in a group home and the report was filed by a case worker.

HARASSMENT:  100 block of Westmoreland .  Victim reported repeated unwanted phone calls from a known suspect.  The calls continue even though the suspect was told to stop calling.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING:  1200 block of South Chestnut.  A known suspect tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at a convenience store Sunday morning.  The counterfeit bill was collected as evidence.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  4200 block of South Medford Dr.  White shoe polish was used to write graffiti on several buildings in the 4200 block of S. Medford sometime early Monday morning.