Lufkin Community Leaders are Bringing Back the NAACP

The NAACP is one of the oldest and probably the most successful civil rights organizations in the country. Its members are known for marching, protesting and rallying against racial inequality, police brutality, and discrimination.

"The NAACP is the premier organization for civil rights in the United States," said Dr. Dallas Pierre. "It was organized in 1909 as a result of injustices being done to blacks in the early 19th century."

The NAACP has made many accomplishments over the years, including bringing three elementary and primary schools to the north Lufkin area. When schools in north Lufkin began shutting down after integration, the NAACP was instrumental in bringing Brandon elementary to the area and keeping Dunbar and Garrett primary schools there.

There are several branches of the group in East Texas, but leadership changes forced the Lufkin chapter to shut down about two years ago.

"I have been getting many calls from all over the city concerning civil rights, people on the job being mistreated and so forth, so we are trying as fast as possible to get something functional so that we can be assisted by the national office."

There is no other civil rights group in Lufkin, but there is a chapter of the NAACP in Nacogdoches. At least 50 people need to sign up before Lufkin can get a new charter. If you're interested in getting involved, you can call Dr. Pierre's office at 632-5365. He hopes to have a new local NAACP up and running by October.

Annual adult membership dues are $30; yearly youth membership fees are $15; annual corporate dues are $5,000; and lifetime memberships are also available.