Water Breaks A Common Occurrence During Road Construction

Nacogdoches County residents who are customers of D & M Water Supply have been experiencing some interruption in service this week. Western Nacogodoches County customers on the Moral water well are the ones affected. The water lines from that well have been broken by road equipment on several occassions. Highway crews are constructing shoulders along highway seven west. The road work has also caused phone outages.

Field supervisor, Joy Dickerson said, " It's just two of us so bear with us and we'll do the best we can. We both work hard and we stayed out, I think we stayed out until about one o'clock this morning working on a water leak trying to get it back up going."

Customers in the area of Highway 7 west can expect another interruption friday. D & M will be installing about 600 feet of water line. They'll be setting it up out of the way of crews to hopefully avoid any more breaks.