Saving Money and Staying Cool This Summer !!

During the hot summer months, electric bills start to skyrocket as the price to keep cool comes at a high cost. One place you can go to ease the burden on your wallet and stay cool this summer is the Angelina County Senior Citizens Center in Lufkin.

Robyn Hight is the Director of the Senior Citizens Center and says there's more to the center than just getting inside for some air conditioning.  " Every Wednesday, we have one of the Home Health's services that come and takes blood pressure tests and every once in a while they do blood sugar tests.  Regardless of the week, there is some health service we provide every Wednesday."

In addition to the health benefits, there is also entertainment which is provided by the volunteers.  Activities include Bingo, dominoes, and card games. Many volunteers take time out to give their services to the Senior Citizens and feel like they are doing something wonderful for themselves and the people they help.  "It's a friendly place.  They have nice lunches that are provided each weekday at 11:30am," says Billie Stanaland, a volunteer at the Angelina County Senior Citizens Center.

If you can't get yourself to the citizen center, Robyn tells us that they provide a service that will pick you up from your home and take you to the center in the morning.  " We have a van, which is a 14 passenger van. And we will pick them up in their homes to the center. We need them to call us the day before, so that we can plan ahead to pick them up."

The best part about these centers is that they offer fellowship, fun, staying cool, and most importantly, keeping your energy bill on the low side.

The Senior Citizens Center on 2801 Valley in Lufkin is not the only one in Angelina county.

The Lewis Toran Retirement Center on Kurth St. is also located in Lufkin.

There are additional centers in Angelina counties in the cities of Huntington and Diboll.