Lufkin Police Report - 06/14/07 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Lufkin Police Report - 06/14/07

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF VEHICLE:  400 block of Frank.  A road construction worker took a company vehicle without permission Wednesday night.  The suspect was arrested sometime later when an officer saw him returning the vehicle.  Lee Alvis Williams, 50 was arrested in the same parking lot he had taken the car from.

ASSAULT:  2500 block of Daniel Mccall.  A woman reported that she was slapped and shaken by her boyfriend while they were shopping around 1am Thursday.  The woman didn't want to file charges.

ASSAULT:  800 block of South First St.  A man reported that he was hit in the face by the mother of his child during an argument Wednesday evening.  

ASSAULT:  700 block of Rowe .  A man reported that his wife hit him in the nose with her fist during an argument Wednesday evening.           

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT:  1800 block of East Denman Ave.  A man reported that a suspect known to him tried to run him over with a pickup Wednesday evening.  The victim was not injured.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION:  800 block of Groesbeck.  A residence was broken into and several DVD movies, a pool cue, and some CD's were stolen Tuesday or Wednesday.

THEFT:  2500 block of Daniel Mccall.  A tailgate was stolen off a pickup Tuesday afternoon. 

ASSAULT:  900 block of Wilson.  A woman reported that she was grabbed by the neck and hit several times Wednesday afternoon by a male known to her.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  200 block of John Redditt.  A woman reported that she was shoved by the father of her child, who then took her cell phone and keys and left.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING: 2400 block of West Frank.  Unauthorized on-line purchases were made earlier in the month using the victim's debit card information.   

THEFT:  1100 block of Timberland.  A woman reported that her wallet was stolen from her motel room sometime between Friday and Tuesday.  She said she had numerous people to her room in that time frame but didn't suspect any of them.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING:  1200 block of South First St.  A man reported that someone has forged a check in his name and made several unauthorized purchases using his debit card information.

FRAUD:  1500 block of Bluebonnet St.  A woman reported several unauthorized charges on her credit card.  Items were purchased on-line using the victim's credit car info and shipped to CA.

FRAUD:  200 block of First.  A man checking his credit report found that his ex-wife had obtained cell phone service in his name after they were divorced.         

BURGLARY:  200 block of Willow Bay.  A radar detector and some CD's were stolen from an unsecured car early Wednesday morning.

BURGLARY:  200 block of Willow Bay.  A pack of cigarettes and a big-wheel lawn mower was stolen from the garage of a residence early Wednesday morning.

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