Airport Marketing Plan About To Take Off

Airports that serve this part of East Texas do 'not' provide commercial airline service, but the air traffic they do serve is important to the region's economy. A new airport manager at A.L. Mangham Airport in Nacogdoches will market to new customers.

This is the first week on the job for Mary Uresti.   She takes a drive on the airport's 5001 feet runway, capable of serving the smallest aircraft to larger corporate jets.   Right now the fire chief's SUV is adequate for a quick safety and service check. Uresti looks out the window commenting, "I actually haven't been out here yet. " She might not be familiar with the grounds just yet, but she knows well the airports' importance. Uresti said, " I believe that the airport is a viable part of our community. We need to raise awareness of what we can actually do for our community as far as bring in more business and just serving the stake holders that are here."

Fire fighting Black Hawk helicopters, medical service planes and corporate to recreational pilots all use the Mangham Airport. New runways and lighting are draws. So is the hassle free service they can't find at metropolitan airports. Deputy City Manager Victoria LaFollett-Koenig said,  " They come in here and they get personalized service. We have a courtesy car that they can use, just a lot quicker and our prices are going to very, very competitive to those larger markets and most cases better. "

Thursday morning's delivery of two new 12,000 gallon fuel tanks will sonn give pilots easy access to jet or aviation fuel. An improvement over fuel trucks that the city had to man. Now pilots have access to fill ups 24-7. They have a choice of self or full service and they fly away. This is something Uresti can't do just yet, without a pilot's license. Uresti said,  " I've been asked that a lot, so right now that's up in the air. " An unintentional pun, but if Uresti's marketing talents work, she'll want to become one of the airport's newest customers.