Jobs in the Heat

Ray George has been doing summer brick work ever since he worked with his father as a child. While hot temperatures may bother the average person, he says he's learned to deal with the heat.

"You get used to it the more you do it through the years, you get used to the weather," George said.

George is one of many East Texans who has to work outside this summer.

At Excel Carwash in Lufkin, workers like it when they're busy, because they forget just how hot it is.

"You're so focused on what you're doing you forget about the sun. The only thing that reminds you is the sweat, so you just wipe away the sweat and get to work," Excel Manager Pilo Quirz said.

Lufkin firefighter Kevin Pebsworth's job can get hot all year long. Fighting flames in full body gear makes it even worse.

"It's just extremely hot. I can't even think of anything to compare it to. It's just extreme heat head to toe," Pebsworth told us.

All these workers try to cool off by drinking plenty of water.

They also say it helps to wear light colored clothing and to start working early in the morning before temperatures reach their peak.