Flag Day

by Christa Smith

Many people put up a flag or say the pledge of allegiance, but do we always remember what the flag stands for?  Today the city of Lufkin held its annual Flag Day ceremony.

Many current military and veterans were there to honor the meaning of the flag.  Staff Sergeant Raul Narvaez believes, "It celebrates the flag and that flag is just a start of the symbol of the United States. You know it symbolizes courage, it symbolizes purity. It symbolizes the blood that was shed over our entire history to get us where we are today."

The mayor, Jack Gordon, was there to lead the event.  He wants to make sure on a day like today all military personnel know we stand behind them and thank them.  "I hope they take it as a heartfelt thanks for the work and time they spent serving our country," he said.  Narvaez says he feels honored to be in the army on a day like today.  He says that when people take the time out of their day to stop and tell him or any other soldiers thank you, it really means a lot.

Flag Day has been something Americans have celebrated on June 14 since the 1800s.  The holiday was officially established by an act of Congress in 1949.