Lufkin Police Report - 06/15/07

BURGLARY OF A  HABITATION:  200 block of Chambers St.  A video camera and some compact discs were stolen in a residential burglary Thursday evening.

ASSAULT:  1900 block of South First.  A woman reported that another woman hit her in the head with a beer bottle at a nightclub Thursday night.  The victim was treated at a local hospital for a cut to her head.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT:  1200 block of West Frank.  A man reported that his ex-girlfriend cut him on his wrist with an unknown sharp object Thursday afternoon.  The man said he tried to calm the woman who was creating a disturbance and she cut him.  The victim was treated at the ER.

BURGLARY:  400 block of Church.  A residence was burglarized sometime Thursday.  The owner wasn't sure what all was taken at the time of the report.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  2200 block of  Atkinson.  A city meter reader reported threats made to beat him up made by a resident unhappy over being told they were in violation for providing water to a home via a water hose.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  2500 block of Daniel Mccall.  A man and woman reported they were threatened with bodily harm by a woman and two men Thursday afternoon.  The threats were believed to have been made because the male victim recently broke up with the female suspect's sister.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1500 block of Pershing.  A landlord reported that tenants moved out of a rent house leaving an estimated $10,000 block of in damages to the home.  The landlord said much of the damage appears to have been done intentionally.

THEFT:  4600 block of Medford.  A shoplifter dropped stolen merchandise and fled from store loss prevention personnel Thursday afternoon.  The man fled into the mall and got away but the merchandise was recovered.

THEFT:  1400 block of Atkinson.  A known suspect rented a paint sprayer in May for one day and kept if for a week.  The man has failed to pay all of the rental fee.

ASSAULT:  500 block of Davis.  A man reported that he was assaulted by the mother of his child Monday.  The man had several minor cuts to his arm, neck and upper body.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  3200 block of Daniel Mccall.  A man reported his car was missing after he hosted a large party Sunday night. The man later found his car at the house of one of the party guests.  Referred to detectives.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  100 block of Mistywood.  A leather bag containing a woman's cell phone, DL and credit cards and other papers was stolen from her unsecured vehicle Wednesday evening.

BURGLARY:  2100 block of Hanks.  A woman's wallet was stolen from an unsecured vehicle sometime Wednesday night.  The wallet was recovered Thursday on a nearby street with the cash missing.