Community Leaders Return

Several North Lufkin leaders who went to visit a power plant in St. Paul, Minnesota this week are now back in East Texas.

They tell us what they saw was mostly positive, but they'll leave it up to community members to make their own decision about whether it's a good idea to build a new power plant here.

"I hope to see our North Lufkin community develop, but this is going to be entirely up to the North Lufkin community," said Victor Travis.

Aspen Power wants to build a plant here in North Lufkin similar to the one community representatives visited earlier this week in Minnesota.

Aspen President Danny Vines says the trip was important because it let North Lufkin leaders see for themselves how the proposed plant would work.

"I've had several people that have made the statement, 'Why are you working with the North Lufkin group the way you are?' and my objective here is to get North Lufkin behind our project instead of in front of the project," Vines told us.

The North Lufkin representatives who made the trip believe the journey was important because it will allow them to better inform the community.

"What's important is what the community knows and what they find out. That's what we want to do here; get the community to understand what's going on," Travis said.

Vines knows some North Lufkin residents will always be skeptical about him bringing a power plant to their community.

But he tells us he wouldn't bring the plant to North Lufkin if it wouldn't benefit the area.

"I was born and raised here in Angelina County. I will retire here in the Angelina County. And I just take pride in working with the community, whether it be white, black, whatever. We want to be an asset to the community. We don't want to be a detriment to the community," Vines told us.