HIV/AIDS Fundraiser

by Christa Smith

Today was the 13th annual prayer breakfast for health horizons. They hold the breakfast every year to raise money and support for people who have or fear they have HIV or AIDS in the area.

The organization holds various fundraisers throughout the year.  They do it because they want to help those suffering from the deadly disease.  There are numerous expensive treatments to undergo and even more doctors visits.

That is where health horizons comes in.  Paying for all the patients expenses can get very costly.  So they use events like this to raise awareness and money.  Organizers say that it's what the community gives that matters so much.  "There's a lot of people here this morning and it builds the awareness and then on the other side is the spiritual support and prayers these people provide," Aaron Montemayor said.

If you want to donate money or help with the cause you can contact Health Horizons of East Texas.