Pool Closing?

by Christa Smith

Since the 70's the Maroney pool has been a part of Nacogdoches.  Some, are now questioning how much longer it will be around.  Things keep breaking and water is leaking all over.  All the problems have become very costly.  Now the city must decide whether to remodel, build a new facility or just close the pool completely.

Glynn Wells, the aquatic director, says water has been leaking so bad under the pool that the lining along the bottom is actually bubbling up.  He says the with the money it would take to fix the pool, they could probably build a whole new one.

A committee is going to meet sometime in July to figure out the fate of the pool.  A local resident who has been swimming at Maroney since it opened says she hopes they do build a new site and add more kid friendly features.

Stay tuned to KTRE for future updates on the fate of the pool.