Summer Upkeep Projects Underway For School District

Enter a school classroom during the summer and you're likely to find saws and hammering going on.   The chores and improvement projects you'll find aren't unlike what you do around your house, except on a much larger scale. Nacogdoches Independent School District physical plant director Ross Holbrook said,  " There's 11 facilities, 12 with charter school. We've got a million, 200-thousand square feet of air conditioned space. One high school, one ninth grade center, 2 middle schools and six elementaries. "

That's a lot of rooms. And you think you have too much housework. Director of grounds and custodial, Chris Davis puts all his crews at days.  " They all start major cleaning, stripping and waxing floors, deep cleaning on bathrooms, taking furniture and scraping gum out from underneath that builds up over the years.   And scrubbing the furniture down really well. " Not to mention the yard work. Davis said,  "They do all 247 acres. "

And just like household budgets, more times than not, school budgets cover only the, " bare necessities to keep everything running, " said Holbrook. Finance directors haven't made too many changes to the NISD physical service budgets over the years. Combine that with a staff reduction and you have a new challenge.   The district is hammered with increased product costs and tacked on fuel charges. But school plant directors and their staff measure up when it comes to team work. They say its essential when there's so much to do.

Summer construction projects are also underway at Stephen F Austin state University. A plaza is under construction on Alumni Drive, a road now closed to traffic. A brick pathway is being built. Trees have already been planted. And take a good look at the Birdwell Building on the corner of North Street and East College. In a few weeks it will be coming down. Demolition crews are gutting the insides. So far, there are no plans for the corner once the building is removed.