United Way Awareness Day

The proclaimed Nacogdoches United Way Awareness Day was commemorated Monday with the announcement of the 2008 campaign goal. Nacogdoches United Way wants the community to raise $450,000. There are a total of 25 agencies wanting a share of the donations.

It will be difficult serving all their needs, but possible, if everyone followed the philosophy of the honorary chair, Dottie Mallory. She said, " To think of others rather than ourselves and that's something that I have always had in my mind and in my heart. Do something for somebody else first, rather than myself. "

The campaign chair Bob Koenig announced two new ways to help the Nacogdoches United Way. There will be golf tournament on October 6th at Woodland Hills Golf Club. The other is to donate online at www.unitedwaynac.com      Koenig said, " We've established a secure web site and from sitting at your desk at home or your desk at your office we've given you the opportunity to give to united way. "

United Way fundraising will officially get kicked off September 1st. The campaign will conclude November 1st.