Move It: It's Berry Berry Good

If you attended this year's blueberry festival, hopefully you got your hands on a lot of blueberries.  Because, you know what?  They're good for you.

Tim Scallon, director of nutritional services at Memorial Health System of East Texas, said, "There are number of studies that correlate reducing cancer risks associated with eating foods that are high in antioxidants.  And, berries would be good examples."

And, we are talking any berry from blueberry to blackberry, even dewberries and strawberries, an the darker color the better they are for you.

Carol Bradley, registered dietician at Brookshire Brothers, said, "Red and blues help with preventing urinary tract infections.  They help with memory loss."

A rule of thumb is to eat about a hand full of berries each day. Half a cup of blueberries is only about 42-calories, and you are supposed to have about five servings of fruit a day.

Scallon said, "Remember that berries compared to other fruits will be a little bit more expensive, but because of the health benefits they are worth adding to our grocery list."

While berries are good for you, make sure you fit other fruits and vegetables into your diet. Also, don't forget to exercise.