Purchasing Manager Will Oversee City Spending

by Donna McCollum

It's only day two on the job for Purchasing Manager Gary Baisden, but he arrives with a goal of prudent spending.   " That's the goal of any public purchasing department, is to save taxpayers' money. Make sure we get the best value for the money," said the former Texas Department of Transportation employee.

The City of Nacogdoches wants to establish a purchase order system when buying paper clips to fire trucks. More cities are using the financial tool to achieve efficient spending. Deputy City Manager Victoria LaFollett-Koenig said,  " I guess the best way to describe it is a cost avoidance. When you buy in quantity, as anybody knows, normally you are going to get a better price. "

And it leads to better inventory control and supply. Baisden begins with research.    " I'll get out and meet with the folks. Get a good understanding of how they're doing things and the volume of purchasing they're doing, what they're buying and with that I should be able to design a program, " said Baisden.

Baisden has experience with fleet management, materials supply contracting and purchasing policies. He will oversee about 13-million dollars in city expenditures.