Energy Plant Opposition

A group representing North Lufkin recently returned from a trip to Minnesota to visit a bio mass plant like the one proposed for North Lufkin.

But some North Lufkin residents opposed to the plant say that group is not legitimate.

"It was not a North Lufkin group, per say, only one person lived in the immediate neighborhood where the biomass plant will be built," Dr. Dallas Pierre told us.

Dr. Dallas Pierre of the Lufkin NAACP says Aspen Power President Danny Vines didn't ask for input from him or anyone else who lives in the area where the proposed plant would be built.

"No one contacted us. Just as they didn't contact us concerning the trip to St. Paul, Minnesota," Pierre said.

Vines says Pierre was contacted several times, but declined to get involved.

"Given the opportunity to have received a trip to St. Paul to learn first hand and to see first hand, and to make the decision not to participate but at the same time continue to oppose the project is rather shortsighted," Vines told us.

Pierre also questions Vines' claims that the plant will boost North Lufkin's economy.

"The neighborly thing to do would have been to contact the North Lufkinites per say, and especially those in that area, and ask them, 'do you want this type of job?' but no one asked us. In other words they're saying, 'this is the type of job for you, so we're building a plant here,'" said Pierre.

Vines says the plant would bring more than just jobs to North Lufkin.

"The activity that aspen power will brings to the North Lufkin area is going to create multiple other opportunies for North Lufkin to benefit from a housing standpoint, from a road improvement standpoint. There will be a lot of positive aspects associated with that.))

Vines knows there will always be some who oppose the plant.

But he hopes releasing a report on the trip to the public at an upcoming town hall meeting will change their minds.