Hearing Problems

If you've been putting off getting your hearing checked, now is an ideal time to take advantage of our special limited offer. We'll perform an electronic hearing check-up and video ear canal inspection– all at no cost or obligation to you – to determine whether today's new digital hearing aids can help.

A board certified hearing instrument specialist will perform both tests and apprise you of the results. If a hearing problem is found, you'll receive a detailed explanation of the problem and what can be done to help you hear well again.


  • We’re a local company dedicated to serving your hearing needs
  • Five convenient locations to serve you
  • We feature one hundred percent digital hearing systems

We custom order your hearing aids directly from Audibel Electronics, an American company that leads the world in the manufacture of custom hearing aids. My patients and I are convinced that Superior Audibel Quality is worth the wait! All Audibel products are made in America bt American workers.

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Authorized Center for Hearing Excellence
FREE Hearing check-up and video otoscopic ear canal inspection

You will be tested with the very latest computerized hearing loss detection equipment. This computerized analysis of your hearing patterns will indicate whether a hearing loss is present. Everyone over the age of fifty should have a yearly hearing check-up.

We inspect your ear canal for excess wax build up and possible blockage using our state-ofthe- art Video Otoscope. Many times, a hearing problem is caused simply by wax blockage. You'll see what awe see on a full color video monitor throughout the inspection

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