Following the '3-1-1 Rule' Will Make Your Next Travel Experience a Pleasant One

The rules and regulations for airlines and cruise lines are very similar, so remembering and following the 3-1-1 Rule for carry-on items will help make your next travel experience simple and safe.

Lotions, creams and other liquid products are no longer banned from aircraft, but those items must now be in three-ounce or less containers, packaged in a see-through zip lock plastic bag that is no bigger than one quart, and only one bag per traveler.

If you pack the bag of items in your suitcase, make sure it is easy to get to when security asks for it. East Texas travel agents have some other helpful hints to keep you from being held up the next time you take a trip.

"Medication would need to be in the passenger's name in the original bottle, not just dumped in a bag," said Julie Wall, owner of All Travel. "And we recommend that you have a doctor's letter just to be on the safe side."

Bottled drinks are also now allowed on airplanes, but only if you purchase them after you've made it through security. The restrictions are not meant to make traveling unpleasant for vacationers, but to ensure the safety of everyone in America's airports.

Tammy Mize, owner of Holiday Travel, said, "They now require everyone to take their shoes off when they go through the X-ray machine and a lot of people get uncomfortable with that or aren't expecting that, and so if you wore slip on shoes instead of shoes that tie, that saves you a little bit of time."

And being prepared for your flight or cruise will also save you time.

Wall said, "Book early, proper documentation is required for travel - international as well as domestic; valid passports [and] valid driver's license, and reconfirm your flights before departure."

You can reconfirm your flight by calling your travel agent, the airline directly or online at the web site you where you bought your ticket.