Free Hearing Test

An audiometeric hearing examination can be compared to an eye exam. Instead of looking at a series of letters or numbers, you listen to a series of tones produced by an audiometer.


If you HEAR, but cannot UNDERSTAND conversation . . .
If you have trouble hearing in noisy places . . .
If others SEEM TO MUMBLE . . .
If you ask others to repeat . . .

You are cordially invited to attend our FREE Hearing Aid Consultation to be held:

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You will receive FREE of charge with no obligation:

  • AN ELECTRONIC HEARING EVALUATION: The FREE TEST will be conducted by an Audioprosthologist or Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist
  • A DEMONSTRATION of Audibel® Invisibel™

This revolution in hearing technology from Audibel® is so small that no one will know you are wearing it, and . . . the amazing hidden hearing aid is now 100% digital.

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