Man Beaten To Death In Apartment Complex Parking Lot

The second homicide this year for the city of Longview.  A man is beaten to death in an apartment complex parking lot. Police say the beating happened around midnight Wednesday at the Hidden Hills apartment complex in west Longview. And just late Wednesday afternoon, police say Travis Alonzo Lacy, 30, of Longview confessed to the crime.

Residents at Hidden Hills apartment complex remember all too well the scene late Tuesday night.

"He wasn't saying nothing, he couldn't moan, he wasn't doing nothing, but you could hear him breathing," says resident Brandy Reed.

It was a scene practically at her front door. She lives right next to the parking lot where she says she saw Willie Earl Walker, 30, lying face down and not moving.

"When the officers got there, they did find the victim lying in the parking lot, he apparently had been pretty severely beaten," says Sergeant Shaun Pendleton with the Longview Police Department.

Witnesses told police they saw three men punch and kick Walker for several minutes before running away. Walker was later transported to a hospital, where he died from his injuries. And then, police say, a confession from Travis Alonzo Lacy.

"The individuals that did this to him knew him, this was an isolated incident, they didn't just randomly pick somebody off the parking lot," explains Pendleton.

But that's little comfort to the residents who say they just don't feel safe at their apartment complex anymore.

"We do need more security, we do, because things going on like this, it's just not, it's not right, it's really unmerciful, really the way what happened to the guy to be beat to death, that's really sad," says Rosalind Roberson, a resident.

And that includes Brandy who says she can't get the image of Walker's body out of her mind.

"I'm scared, I'm not staying here tonight, I'm staying at my mom's house tonight," Brandy says.

Police say no weapon was used during the beating, just fists and feet. Lacy will be charged with murder, a first degree felony.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: