Digital Hearing

Audibel Electronics, America's premier hearing aid provider, is both pleased and proud to introduce Eclipse Digital - the world's smartest and most advanced 100% digital hearing aid.

Our Digital Product Engineers have designed a digital hearing aid that out-performs all others. By precisely evaluating your own hearing system, Eclipse functions like a powerful on-board computer to help you hear well again.

Eclipse® Digital Microchip
Eclipse Reduces Bothersome Background Noise Active Noise Management circuitry digitally sample and automatically reduces steady-state background noise. By effectively reducing these unnecessary sounds, Eclipse produces a cleaner, more natural sound quality.

Eclipse Automatically Cancels Annoying Feedback Adaptive Feedback Cancellation automatically detects, analyzes and subtracts the feedback signal before it bothers you or the people around you. Eclipse ends those embarrassing squeaks and whistles that plague other aids.

Eclipse's AV Directional Technology Helps You Hear Better in Noise Programmable Directionality with three memory patterns helps you "zoom in" on what you're trying to hear. You hear only those sounds important to understanding conversation with those around you. Simply put, you hear what you see.