Lufkin Police Report - 06/21/07 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Lufkin Police Report - 06/21/07

ASSAULT: 200 block of Forest Park.  A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend grabbed her by the face and shoved her Wednesday evening.  The woman was not injured.  

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  900 block of South John Redditt.  A store clerk reported that  a customer threatened to shoot the clerk when the clerk refused to sell the suspect alcohol after hours.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1400 block of Warren.  The window of a residence was shot out with what appeared to be a BB gun Wednesday night.   

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  900 block of Crown Colony.  A man reported that a known suspect hit him Wednesday evening.  The men are business competitors and the victim said the suspect was angry over business matters and hit him several times.  The victim had a bloody nose and minor abrasions.

TATTOO VIOLATIONS: 1800 block of Sayers St.  A man reported that his 16 year old son got a tattoo from a known suspect last week. 

THEFT:  100 block of Zeagler.  A yellow Mongoose brand bicycle was stolen from a residence sometime Wednesday.       

HARASSMENT:  1500 block of North Broadmoor.  A woman reported that her son's ex-girlfriend keeps calling the victim's house repeatedly, several times per hour for the past few days.

DEBIT CARD ABUSE:   2600 South First St.  A home health worker with access to the complainant's debit card made two unauthorized purchases of gasoline with the card.

BURGLARY:  1100 block of Atkinson.  A leaf blower, shop vac, extension cord and a battery charger were stolen from fire station #3 Tuesday or Wednesday. 

THEFT:  1700 block of Deans Way.  A shoplifter dropped items she was attempting to steal and fled from a store Wednesday.  When approached by a store clerk, the woman fled, dropping some merchandise and losing her pants as she fled.  It's believed the woman got away with some items.                                                                                                         

HARASSMENT:  400 block of Lynn St.  A man reported that his life was threatened during a phone call from a known suspect.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING:  1600 South First.  A veteran's organization reported that a known suspect has forged three checks on the organization's account without authorization.

FRAUD:  700 block of Martha St.  A woman reported that someone had contacted her credit card company and changed her mailing address to an out of state address without her consent.  The victim recently moved and thinks the statement went to her old address and someone got the card information that way.  

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