The Ameriphone Dialogue ER

padAmeriphone Emergency phone Automatically calls for help when you need it!

The Ameriphone Dialogue ER is an emergency response and amplified telephone, all in one. In the event of an emergency, it summons help automatically when you press the remote control from anywhere in your house, even from the shower. It is also a big button, amplified telephone for loud and clear daily calls.
  • In case of an emergency, the Dialogue ER automatically calls your pre-programmed emergency contacts until it reaches a live person.
  • A pre-recorded message alerts the person who answers the call that an emergency exists.
  • You can pre-program up to six (6) contacts (relatives, neighbors, medical personnel or local 911 center).
  • The wireless remote allows you to call for help from up to 80 feet away, even from the shower.
  • Once answered, it enables you to have loud and clear two-way communication. Or, it allows the person to listen in to your situation.
  • The stylish remote control is lightweight and water resistant and can be worn as a pendant or on a belt.
  • It can also call your contacts automatically if there has not been any phone activity within a preselected period of time.
  • It is ready to serve you right out of the box.
  • Easy to set up and program. An easy to follow voice prompt guides you through each step.
  • High performance speakerphone for loud and clear hands-free conversations.
  • Powerful amplifier increases handset sounds up to 30 times (30+dB) louder.
  • Tone control gives you optimum clarity so you can hear similar sounding words loud and clear.
  • Six (6) memory speed dialing buttons.
  • Super bright ring flasher and loud ringer.
  • Hearing aid T-coil compatible handset.
  • Battery back up in case of power outage (battery not included).
  • One Dialogue ER can be operated by up to 4 pendants. To order an additional pendant, see below.
  • Desk or wall mounting.
    Retail $249.95. Our Price $239.95