The Healing Center Believes in Miracles

Lynn Adams experiences soreness in her shoulders. Healing technicians at the Healing Center provide help through prayer. Its director, Cindy Hyde prays,  " We just speak to the shoulder and we command all pain to leave." The prayer is said in a healing room, one of over 500 in the nation. Hyde explains,  " It's concentrated time of prayer that they often don't have time to receive in the church setting."

The healing technicians are trained through the International Association of Healing Rooms.    They learn to pray specifically for healing using the scriptures, but don't call them faith healers. Hyde said,  " The term faith healers itself misrepresents the fact that the people that are praying aren't healing anyone. It's the Lord Jesus that does the healing. "

They can spend hours in prayer. Prayers have gone out for thousands. Close to 800 have come to the healing room. Followers claim a 90% success rate. Lucy Richardson claimed to have 'female problems' when she first visited a healing room session where a noted healing technician was in attendance.   Richardson recalled, " He said put your hands on your stomach and I did and he put his hand on my hands and he prayed and that was 5 years ago and I haven't had a problem since." Lisa Hannah said she suffered from depression and severe allergies. " I was completely healed from all of it. I take no allergy shots, medication or any medication for depression. " Other dramatic changes Hyde speaks of are people with epilepsy having no more seizures and metal plates in people's heads melting away. Healing room web sites provide long lists of testimonials.

The Healing Center provides healing schools, prayer counseling and support groups. Hyde says it differs from anything else offered in the area. Hyde said,  " The established treatment industry does not deal in miracles. They deal in therapy."

The believers say they welcome skeptics as it provides them an opportunity to share their power of faith. The kind that helped Adams feel better physically and emotionally. Following the prayer Adams said,  " There's not a sharp pain in it. Thank you Jesus." The women laugh together. "There's more of a peace in my whole body, " said Adams.  She also claims that her bipolar disorder is not keeping her in deep depressions. " I still take my medications. I still receive treatment, but the Healing Center has given me something else. I have the confidence to go  out and live the life they way God wants me to live life." Which is something achieved by many through prayer, no matter where or how it's accomplished.

The Healing Center recently requested United Way funding. Hyde was told not to expect it because of a duplication of services offered through churches and counseling centers. Currently the center operates off of donations. Ministry schools are held Tuesday nights. Worship services are on Thursday nights. The healing center is located at 407 East Hospital Street.   936-569-PRAY, 888-239-HEAL