Rollback Election In Nacogdoches ISD

Thursday evening the Nacogdoches school board began a public hearing for a September 15th tax rollback election. So far, about sixteen school districts across the state are conducting similar elections.   The Texas legislature has set tax rate limits for school districts. Any higher proposed rates require voter approval.

The NISD school board is proposing a $1.37 tax rate. It would create needed revenue without doing away with the popular Homestead Exemption. Passage would also prevent the school district from making frequent requests for money from the taxpayers.

Dr. Rodney Hutto said, " If we do not do this at this particular point in time and there's a need for additional revenues next year then we have to go back to the voters and we can move it at two cents at a time. We will ask them for two cents and the next year if we needed more revenue we would have to go back."

Hutto says the revenue is needed for repairs, teacher raises and a full day pre-kindergarten program.

The measure isn't a bond election, but administrators and the board must follow some of the same tactics to get it passed. Hutto plans to present the issue to civic groups between now and September.