U.S. Government Posts Its Diagnosis Of Hospitals Across The Nation

Using cardiac care as a yardstick, officials have compiled ratings that allow you to see how your hospital compares to others.

Hospitals are placed in one of three categories: "No different than the U.S. National Rate", "Better than the U.S. National Rate", or "Worse than the U.S. National Rate."  Through the site, patients can find out how heart attack and heart failure patients fared at their local hospital within 30 days of being admitted, even if they were discharged and sent home.

"The steps we're taking today means patients will have information they need available to make decisions about their own care," said HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt.

The new information that's available is not just life or death.  The HHS plans to provide information including doctor performance and responsiveness, hospital cleanliness, and post-surgical complications.  For more information visit www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov