Lufkin Housing Market

by Tashun Chism

The housing market is in a bit of a slump nationally, but that's not the case here in East Texas.

"On the East Coast and the West Coast, you keep seeing all of the write ups in the paper and on the news that everybody's losing their houses. But in this area, I think it's really up. Especially in the Lufkin area," said contractor Mike Hineman of Dream Homes.

Experts tell us it's very easy to buy and sell houses in Lufkin, and that there are several reasons for the stability.

"There's a lot more loan products on the market today. Fifteen or more years ago, there were only a few choices as far as loans and getting into a house. But today there's hundreds of choices and just depending on your credit and your particular situation, almost anybody can get into a house today," Century 21 Bryan Realty Co-Owner Michael Bryan.

"All the work that Lufkin has put into bringing in the retirees has definitely helped and all the work bringing in new businesses and new commercial businesses has really helped," said Hineman.

While experts agree that Lufkin's housing market is more stable that many others across the nation, they differ slightly on just how soon it will boom.

"Lufkin has a history of being a good stable market. I don't see anything getting out of line and being real high, or the market being on fire, but I think we'll have a stable market for the next year or two unless something dramatic happens," said Bryan.

"In the future, I just see it growing. With our retirees coming in, we have subdivisions being dedicated totally to retirees and the housing market's being catered to them. I just see it growing," Hineman told us.