Firework Safety

by Christa Smith

Once fireworks go on sale it seems a lot people rush out to buy them.  If you plan to use fireworks though, you need to read what we found out.

While you're not allowed to set off fireworks in city limits, firefighters say even outside the city there are still restrictions on where you should use them. Lufkin Fire Fighter, Larry Christensen, say, "If you're shooting something that's going to go in the air like bottle rockets for example, try to do it in an open area away from any trees or any kind of overhead obstructions."

They say by doing that it prevents the fireworks from starting a fire and once you find the right spot safety should be your next concern.   A lot of injuries with fireworks are because people aren't properly using them.   That is something that could be dangerous.

Officials say the best way to prevent children from getting injured is for adults to do all the lighting.  When younger children are involved that is especially important.  They also say to always be careful once the fuse starts to spark.

If there is an emergency and someone is injured by fireworks, firefighters remind you to stay calm and call 911.