Nacogdoches Police Report - 06/25/07

DWLI: 100 block of Ellington Street. Subject was contacted on a traffic stop and found to have a revoked drivers license. Adolphus Maxie was arrested.

BURGLARY: 2400 South Street. Unknown suspect took a television, VCR, and rolling cart from the adult learning center.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1100 block of Paluxy. Unknown suspect removed complainant's purse from a vehicle. The purse contained cash and a check.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1600 block of Hanson Circle. Complainant reported that a vehicle had been scratched and dented on both sides. Unknown suspects.

THEFT: 118 North Stallings Drive. Suspect vehicle had been reported as a shoplifter. The vehicle was located and stolen property found inside. Willie James was arrested.

ASSAULT: 1500 block of Dolph Street. Complainant reported being assaulted by a known suspect. Complainant's shirt was ripped and had injury to an eye. A warrant has been requested.

ASSAULT: 500 block of Richardson Street. Complainant reported being assaulted by a known male suspect. Complainant received a laceration and a possible broken nose. Warrant requested for suspect.

TERRORISTIC THREAT: 3000 block of Ej Campbell. Several juveniles were involved in a disturbance. The suspect then threatened to shoot one of the parents. Florine Wade was arrested.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1200 block of North Mound Street. A window was left partially down on a vehicle, allowing the suspects to unlock it. Once inside, a purse was stolen and the stereo faceplate was removed.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE: 1200 block of North Mound Street. A parked vehicle had a window broken out, and the stereo was removed, along with 40 CD's.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1600 block of South Fredonia. Unknown suspect's threw a rock through a residence window, breaking it.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: 1216 South Street. A suspect that had been given a criminal trespass warning was located on the property. Sammy Polk was arrested.

ASSAULT: 5900 block of East Main Street. During a disturbance, a male suspect slapped a female. Kenny wall was arrested.

THEFT: 4810 North Street. Complainant reported leaving a purse unattended in a shopping cart and returned to find the purse gone.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: 1100 block of Ritchie Street. Complainant reported that a known suspect had threatened to cut him with a large filet knife. A warrant has been requested.

ASSAULT: 700 block of Lane Drive. Complainant reported that a known suspect had bit her and struck her during a disturbance. Suspect gone on arrival of officers, and a warrant has been requested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 3200 block of North Street. Officer stopped a vehicle for traffic. During a consensual search of the vehicle, a usable quantity of suspected marijuana was located. Christopher brown was arrested.

PUNLAWFUL CARRYING OF A WEAPON: POSSESSION OF A DANGEROUS DRUG: THEFT OF A FIREARM:  4600 block of North Street. Officer stopped a vehicle on traffic. Officers located two handguns in the vehicle, one of which was reported stolen from Louisiana. Officers also located suspected Viagra in the vehicle. Robert Wiggins and Everett Dunn were arrested.

HIT AND RUN: 1100 block of North University Drive. Complainant reported that an unknown vehicle had struck and damaged a parked vehicle and left the scene.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS-INTERFERRENCE WITH EMERGENCY CALL: 2100 block of Looneyville. A known suspect came to a residence after being told not to do so. When the complainant tried to call the police, the suspect unplugged the phone. Warrant requested.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE: 200 block of West Austin Street. Unknown suspects took a 2001 Ford Explorer from a residence without permission. License plate m84mzz-texas.

DWLI: 1900 block of North Street. Suspect was involved in an auto accident. Drivers license check revealed suspension. Meredith Duncan was arrested.

THEFT: 1400 block of West Main. Unknown suspects took two pit bull puppies from complainant's yard.

HIT AND RUN: 700 block of West Seale Street. Unknown suspect struck and knocked down approximately 30 feet of chain link fencing around the bright coop company employee parking lot.

HIT AND RUN: Jalapeño Tree Parking Lot, University Drive. A vehicle was witnesses striking an unattended NPD patrol unit and leaving the scene. The officers inside were contacted by witnesses and the vehicle was located. Brandon Buras was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 900 block of First Street. Suspect was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for traffic. Officers located five rocks of suspected cocaine in suspect's sock. Winfred Watts was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 300 block of South Sanders. Officers stopped vehicle for traffic. Officers observed an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. During a pat-down, a crack pipe containing residue was located on the suspect. Further search revealed a rock of suspected crack cocaine in the floorboard. Jerry Woodson, Jr. was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: 1100 block of Shawnee Street. Officers observed a suspected drug transaction. The suspect was contacted and found to be in possession of suspected crack cocaine. Rosiland Chatman was arrested.

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: Oak Hill Plaza. During a walk through of Oakhill Plaza, officers observed the suspect to be in possession of a cigar containing suspected marijuana. Nijinski Hill was arrested.