Volunteer Firefighter Critically Hurt in Rainy Wreck

Members of the Apple Springs Volunteer Fire Department are praying for the recovery of Carey Allen. The 19-year-old was critically hurt in a wreck Saturday. Several cars hydroplaned on the wet road in Trinity County and one of them crashed into Carey and his twin brother. Cody Allen was treated and released. Both joined the department just eight months ago.

"We just wanted to make sure that the two people that were in the vehicle were okay," said Cody Allen. "We probably were there about five minutes and we were about to walk away when we saw two cars hit head-on, and then we saw a white truck that hit my brother and two other people."

That's why firefighters encourage drivers to slow down whenever they see a wreck and to pull over and come to a complete stop when they hear emergency sirens. Authorities said drivers are less likely to yield on Highway 94 because there isn't much of a shoulder there, which only makes their job harder.

Volunteer fireman Joe Hennigan said, "We come up on a wreck, we stop and render aid to everybody. No matter if I'm in Angelina County - I come up on a scene, I stop and render aid. If I'm in Houston County, I do the same - I stop and render aid to any fire department or anybody. That's our jobs, we're volunteers."

Carey has both external and internal injuries. Both of his legs are broken. He also has a torn colon, a torn artery and a bruised kidney.

"The prayers - that's what we need right now," said Cody Allen. "He loved doing his job and I know he's gonna rehabilitate and he's going to be okay because I've been praying a lot for him."

Altogether, five vehicles were involved in the wrecks, but state troopers only wrote two citations. A teenage driver got a ticket for driving without a license. The child's mother also got a citation for letting an unlicensed minor operate a vehicle.

An account has been set up in Carey Allen's name at First Bank, P.O. Box 830, Groveton, TX 75835.