Pastor Follows Immigration Issue

Reverend Joseph Barboza
Reverend Joseph Barboza

Several times a day Reverend Joseph Barboza checks the latest on the immigration bill on his computer and television.  Aside from delivering the Gospel, he's the messenger of news.    " Oh, yea. Everyday I get calls. Every day I have bunch of people coming by," said Barboza.

Hispanics want explanations about the immigration bill, a piece of legislation that affects family, loved ones and friends. This is a personal side that Barboza thinks politicians fail to remember. Barboza said,  " They don't understand much about the human side, the legalization and also the dignifying way of solving problems."

Barboza was disappointed in the two Texas senators who voted against reconsidering the immigration bill. Senator John Cornyn explained his concern following the vote.    " What concerns me is we won't be allowed to offer additional amendments which I think would go a long way to helping improve this bill and making it actually work, " said Cornyn.

A year ago Hispanics marched in protest over the immigration issue. Barboza objects to such public display. Instead he offers patience.    " The legislators all know that we need immediate reform. It's impossible to send 12 million plus illegal aliens back home. "

Perhaps by the end of the week an answer to how to best legalize illegal immigrants will come. When it happens, Reverend Barboza will be among the first to know.   If and when immigrants receive amnesty, Reverend Barboza will help with the immigration process at the local level. This is something he did in the late 1990's during the last immigration revision.