Lightning Safety Awareness Week

With summer time storms comes the threat of lightning.

This week has been designated as Lightning Safety Awareness Week by the National Weather Service.

Did you know that Texas ranks second to only Florida in the number of people killed by lightning?

Lightning is the #2 weather killer in the United States over the past 30 years, killing more people than hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

Most lightning victims are not struck directly by lightning.  As a result, six of every ten victims of lightning strikes will survive.

If you are outside and see clouds building, be on the lookout for thunderstorms to develop.  If you see lightning or hear thunder, head inside immediately.

Once you are inside a sturdy structure, follow the 30/30 Rule.

The first part of the 30/30 Rule suggests that if you see lightning, start counting to 30.  If during your count you hear thunder, remain indoors.  Lightning can strike up to 8-10 miles from a thunderstorm.

The other half of the 30 has to do with the duration in which you should wait for resuming outdoor activities.  If 30 minutes has elapsed with no rumbles of thunder being heard, then it is safe to go back outside as the storm has either weakened or moved far enough away.

While you are inside your home, avoid touching any electrical appliances.  Also, refrain from taking a bath or shower as the electric current can travel through your plumbing.

For more additional information on lightning safety, click here.