Rare Form of Disease Causes Diboll Child to Need Transfusions Monthly

Darbie Parks
Darbie Parks

She loves basketball, the guitar, and break dancing.  Just like any normal ten-year-old, she's very active, fun loving, and has a good time.

But, Darbie Parks isn't a normal child.

Darbie said, "If I'm sick I have pneumonia.  I feel sick and like my side starts hurting or something."

She suffers from a rare form of sickle cell.

Josh Parks, Darbie's father, said, "Throughout her childhood, and through her adolescence she'll need blood transfusions to basically try to get rid of so many bad blood cells that's in her body and replace them with new blood cells."

But, throughout it all her love for life and family shine.  Just a few months ago, the family had a huge scare, they thought they lost their daughter.

Josh said, "For 48 hours she went blind, had like a mini stroke. It was a very close call."

Even at an early age, she knows it is blood donors that save her life.

Darbie said, "It's important to somebody if you're the person that would make them feel a lot better.  Especially, if people are donating a bunch of blood for you, it shows how much they care about you."

A blood drive will be held for Darbie Parks on Friday at Diboll's City Hall from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.